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Photo: Ali Khan Welcome to the Ali Khan's Home Page
Thanks for visiting the Ali Khan's fan site--, There are the highlights and information updated by Art Apparel. After browsing through the site, you'll probably know more about the Ali Khan then you ever wanted to know. Enjoy your stay!

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Breaking News
  • Ali Khan is working for a T.V and some private productions, .
  • He is going to act in a play for T.V.

Meet the Team
Head coach Dave VanValkenburg will start his 12th year as head coach this coming season. Van Valkenburg is a 1976 graduate of UCIS, where he was a 4-year letterman. After his illustrious basketball career as a Woodchuck, Van Valkenburg coached at a private high school in Virginia for 5 years and then returned to UCIS as an assistant defensive coach. Returning Players: Eric Stone, number 12, shooting guard, 6'10", 195, junior. T Greenwood, number 25, forward, 6', 165, sophmore. Hans Magelby, number 17, point guard, 7'2", 220, senior Dave Stringham, number 3, small forward, 5' 11", 170, junior Jason Mitchell, number 44, big forward, 7', 200, senior

Ali in new look Woodchuck Talk
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Last Season's Statistics
Games: 19-15
Home: 21
Away: 13
Conference Games: 6-10
Non-conference Games: 13-5